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Charlie Biles is a British photographer based in London, currently undertaking a Ba(hons) photography degree at Kingston University. Her fine-art background allows her to focus on conceptual image making and its visual impact by exploring factors such as shape, colour, and texture and how they can be used to provoke and stimulate the viewer. 
Charlies' personal and commission work will frequently coincide, demonstrating her artistic knowledge within fine-art by producing images of a creative, but observational nature. A particular series of her's which exemplifies such description is 'Chiaroscuro', a portrait project which explores the lighting technique, often seen with paintings, and how its aesthetic can influence the impact of a photographic portrait. 
Her work spans a range of approaches, from editorial to commercial, all incorporating conceptual photography designed to have an impact. You can see publications of Charlie's work within Kingston Universities Ba photography instagram page (, The Royal Academy of Art's 2017 summer photography competition and The Independent Photographer's People Award's Magazine (November 2021).

2017-2019 : Carshalton High School for Girls sixth form (Fine-art, Drama, Photography )
2019-2022 : Kingston University (Ba Honours  Photography)

2019 : A-level's Exam Exhibition 
(Concept development)

2022: BA Photography Interim Show 
(Curating an exhibition)
(Project & artist statement writing) 
(Photoshop, Lightroom & InDesign)

Publications / Experiences
2017 : Photo Retoucher & Editor - Automotive repair
2018 : Royal Academy of Arts Summer Photographic Competition
2019 : Snappy Snaps Portrait Competition
2021 : The Independent Photographer - Important People 
2021 : Wedding / Events Photographer 
2022: Portrait Photographer (portfolio commission) 

Digital Photography
35mm Film (colour / black & white)​​​​​​​

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