A trade lost in time
In today’s industry in order to become someone of greater skill like an engineer we are taught in classrooms to use computer operated machinery with computer generated programming. But what about those who are self-taught and choose to refine their ability using old school manual methods?
Engineering, in its rudimentary form, is the ability to take an idea and turn it into a reality. There are many types of engineering from science to mechanical and anything in-between.
Breaking from the norm of scientific and constructional engineering, 70-year-old Edward Wimble has turned his hobby from the age of 16 into a career of designing cars and components for the street rod industry in the UK and over seas.
Throughout this editorial piece for The Independent Photographer Magazine, follow Ed’s process of making suspension components made from pieces of metal (blanks) and explore his talent working in the extended garage (workshop), which backs onto a rail line, at the bottom of his garden in Streatham. 
These images were made using both digital and 35mm expired 21+ year old film methods. 
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